Tuesday, December 6, 2011

best friend ~ (:

Accept you as who you are
Believe in having fun
Cherish time together
Dreams big dream
Enrich , comfort , and delight
Follow up and follow through
Grow forever memories
Honor each other"s fellings
Invite you in their hearts
Just call to says 'HOW ARE YOU?'
Know when somethings up
Love you no matter what
multiply joys ang divide sorrors
Nuture each other's souls
overcome adversity together
pick you up when you are down
Quickly forgive and wake up
Remind you when you greatess
Smile when they think of you
Thrive on share trust
understand when to 'just' listen
Value time together
Walk with you , side by side
Xperience ups and downs
Yearn to stay connected
Zest to live , love , and lough

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